Thank you for your kind words.

We strive to provide compassionate care to your pet.

Dear Serenity Veterinary Care Team,

We are writing this letter to thank you for your caring manner in carrying out a task that was the culmination of a very difficult decision on our part – to euthanize our beloved pet dog, Simba. He had lymphoma for almost a year. When he stopped eating and had a hard time walking, we knew it was time to have him euthanized. Our family discussed the option of having Simba euthanized at a veterinary clinic or in our (his) home…. We are really glad we chose the Serenity team. Eric and Dr. Lindsey Wendt came to our home to perform the euthanasia. They were both really caring, did not rush the procedure, and explained everything as they were performing the euthanasia. It did not feel like two people we had never met before were performing the euthanasia. They shared in our sorrow. Dr. Wendt even sent us a really nice sympathy card afterward. Our family thanks the Serenity team for helping to get us through a very tough time.

The Comulada Family

Our beloved fifteen-year-old kitty passed away this summer. Zimba’s departure was very painful for our family; his furry paws left such a beautiful imprint in our hearts. On his last day, we had such a lovely and peaceful celebration of his life. We honored him with reverence and love and sent him off with gratitude.

Serenity Vet Care and her assistant were wonderful and supportive; we could not have gone through this experience without their loving guidance and care. We are so grateful to have met Serenity Vet Care, despite the sad circumstances. She is a loving, caring person and an amazing Veterinarian!

What a blessing to have her in our lives and in the life of our beloved animals!

With love and gratitude.

The Anderson Family, Rod, Lilian, Vincent, Tigre & Puma

[The Serenity] team made my little girl’s passing as beautiful and peaceful as possible. They were kind, caring and considerate. It’s never easy to say goodbye to a beautiful family member, but it was done so professionally it helped to lessen the pain. Thank you.

Carrie B. (Beverly Hills)

Thanks again to you and your team. Your calm and compassionate energy was much appreciated.

Nick V. (Torrance)

It is hard to find people like you guys nowadays. What you do truly comes from the heart. The love, care and compassion level is beyond I have witnessed in a very long time. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for our family and our little angel.

Robert G. (Bel Air)

Thank you Serenity for making an awful experience very peaceful. Thank you for giving me closure. Thank you, one thousand times from the bottom of my heart.

Scott D. (Los Angeles)

I wanted to thank [you guys] for all your help with our little guy. You where all incredibly kind and sensitive to our situation and it really made such a difference…. Please know how grateful we are that you and your team are willing to take on such difficult task. With immense gratitude.

Taylor J. (Beverly Hills)

I got my baby back today, thank you so much. Its really great what you guys do. I cannot express how much appreciate it.

Cody L. (Southbay)

When my husband and I decided that it was time put down our cat Sonny, Serenity Vet Care helped us through the euthanasia process.

Throughout the process, Serenity Vet Care displayed an exceptional level of care and concern for our family. She gave us plenty of time to say goodbye and really understood how hard it is to let go of a pet. We were given a thorough explanation of the steps involved and she let us decide when we were ready for each step.

It was such an emotional time and I was completely lost, so I will be forever grateful that we had such a caring and sympathetic guide.

Kay & Tim

Serenity Vet Care helped me during a very difficult time, when I had to make a decision about whether or not to put my eighteen-year-old cat down. Through multiple calls and emails, she talked me through the decision and never got frustrated with my going back and forth about it. When I finally decided euthanasia was the best choice for my poor little guy, she came to my home and gave him the most painless, beautiful and peaceful death any creature could hope for. We were in the
back yard where he loved to be, with the sun shining and the fountain trickling in the background.

Serenity Vet Care was incredibly compassionate, respectful, loving and patient through the entire process. She also made all the arrangements for his cremation, making the entire experience convenient, affordable and as easy as it could possibly be during a very difficult moment in my life. I would recommend her services to anyone.


As our dog Shadow was entering his final days, we decided that we wanted to make his passing as comfortable as possible, at home, with as little stress as possible.

Our Vet recommended we talk with Serenity Vet Care about her home euthanasia service. Both Christina and I liked Serenity Vet Care’s caring, thoughtful attitude and we left it open that when the day arrived, Serenity Vet Care would come over and help Shadow pass.

Weeks later, Shadow woke one morning and announced it was time to go. Serenity Vet Care came over that night with her assistant and in a very loving and calming manner, and at our own pace, she helped Shadow move on. It was a very sad day for us; we were thankful for Serenity Vet Care’s service so Shadow could be in the comfort of his own home.We would recommend Serenity Vet Care to anyone desiring a loving transition from life to death for their pet.


Serenity Vet Care compassion and expert care made the difficulty of saying goodbye to my dear cat in my own home a far more humane and comforting experience for both my pet and me.


Serenity Vet Care was the veterinarian for our two long-haired dachshunds, Truman and Rita, while my partner and I lived in the Los Angeles area. Each of our dogs had unique issues, Cushing’s disease and back problems respectively, and needed a solid general practitioner as well as someone who had the knowledge and experience of internal medicine.

Serenity Vet Care provided all of the technical aspects that one would expect of a veterinarian but more importantly she genuinely cared for our dogs. They were comfortable with her, tails wagging, and obviously trusted her.

This is why both my partner and myself would not hesitate to recommend Serenity Vet Care to anyone who needed a caring, experienced, and genuine veterinarian…she is the best!


I was worried and concerned as my dog was losing teeth and in the end she lost seven altogether.

Serenity Vet Care took care of me and my dog with her understanding and compassion. She put me at ease and took time to explain in detail of my dog’s condition and steps to cure her.

She gave her honest opinion even it was painful to hear but she was able to communicate the message that my mind was at peace. She responded promptly and professionally when I had questions. My dog did not show signs of stress or discomfort after the procedure and when she encountered Serenity Vet Care. I felt that my baby was in good hands and Serenity Vet Care is a caring doctor with genuine love for animals. She frequently checks on her after the surgery. I would highly recommend Serenity Vet Care to care for your dogs.


For any who are looking for a superior veterinarian, look no further. Serenity Vet Care is as good as it gets!!! My experience with her is three years old. We found her when we brought my newborn puppy to her for basic beginning treatment when he was just barely 8 weeks old. What impressed me then is she asked me if she could follow him, and true to her word, that is exactly what she has done. Bandit actually likes going to see her!! Serenity Vet Care was also quite caring and empathetic when we brought her our older dog of 15 years when she started to have seizures.

After trying to do some medical things to make Shayna comfortable and reduce the seizures, it was finally decided that she should be put to sleep. Serenity Vet Care sat with my Mom and did this herself while comforting my Mom at the same time. I don’t know how she does it, but her compassion for both for the animals she treats and the people who love them, is admirable and helpful, especially at a time of grief.

I can’t say enough good things about this doctor. If you are looking for someone who will care about you, your pet, and is always reachable by e-mail (within 24 hours) then this is the doctor for you!!


Serenity Vet Care has cared for my 5-year-old Chow Chow for over three years. In the 35 years that I have owned dogs, Serenity Vet Care is without a doubt the best vet I’ve ever known. She is the type of medical professional who truly cares for your pets well being and takes the time to explain to you what is going on with your pet. I like the fact that she looks at all scenarios before deciding on a course of action to treat your pet. I would highly recommend Serenity Vet Care to care for anyone’s dog or cat.


Feel free to contact us if you would like to speak directly to any of our references.