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Compassionate, peaceful end of life veterinary care, serving Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, the San Francisco Bay Area and more

Serenity Veterinary Care is warm, friendly, experienced, and empathetic. Serenity has a common philosophy in caring for pets nearing the end of their lives. This philosophy is open and sincere communication, utmost compassion, and gentle patient care during in-home euthanasia process.

Serenity believes that the process of euthanizing your pet should be as peaceful and respectful as possible. When you contact Serenity for the initial consultation, any questions or concerns you might have will be answered. Appointments will be scheduled at a time that is most convenient for you and, of course, at the time your pet needs us the most.

End Of Life Care

Pet Aftercare

There are no time constraints for the in-person appointment. Serenity wants you to feel as comfortable as possible making this emotional decision.

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We work hard to end your pet’s pain and distress with the affection and devotion they deserve.

Dear Serenity Veterinary Care Team,

We are writing this letter to thank you for your caring manner in carrying out a task that was the culmination of a very difficult decision on our part – to euthanize our beloved pet dog, Simba. He had lymphoma for almost a year. When he stopped eating and had a hard time walking, we knew it was time to have him euthanized. Our family discussed the option of having Simba euthanized at a veterinary clinic or in our (his) home…. We are really glad we chose the Serenity team. Eric and Dr. Lindsey Wendt came to our home to perform the euthanasia. They were both really caring, did not rush the procedure, and explained everything as they were performing the euthanasia. It did not feel like two people we had never met before were performing the euthanasia. They shared in our sorrow. Dr. Wendt even sent us a really nice sympathy card afterward. Our family thanks the Serenity team for helping to get us through a very tough time. The Comulada Family

Our beloved fifteen-year-old kitty passed away this summer. Zimba’s departure was very painful for our family; his furry paws left such a beautiful imprint in our hearts. On his last day, we had such a lovely and peaceful celebration of his life. We honored him with reverence and love and sent him off with gratitude.

Serenity Vet Care and her assistant were wonderful and supportive; we could not have gone through this experience without their loving guidance and care. We are so grateful to have met Serenity Vet Care, despite the sad circumstances. She is a loving, caring person and an amazing Veterinarian!

What a blessing to have her in our lives and in the life of our beloved animals!

With love and gratitude. The Anderson Family, Rod, Lilian, Vincent, Tigre & Puma

Thanks again to you and your team. Your calm and compassionate energy was much appreciated. Nick V. (Torrance)