meet our team

We’re a team of caring individuals that have dedicated our lives to providing compassionate pet care.

Meet some of our featured veterinarians and staff:

Dr. Benjamin Rosnick

Dr. Benjamin Rosnick is a California licensed doctor of veterinary medicine practicing in the greater Los Angeles area. He provides routine care and euthanasia services for dogs and cats in the convenience of patient's homes (house call / mobile vet). Dr. Rosnick believes the best vet care is based on relationships involving mutual decision making in a comfortable and familiar atmosphere.

Dr. Lindsey Wendt

Dr. Lindsey Wendt was born and raised in Southern California. She received her bachelor’s degree in Animal and Avian Sciences from the University of California, Davis. She then continued to receive her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from the University of California, Davis as well. After graduating, she completed an intensive small animal rotating internship at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital. Dr. Wendt now practices veterinary medicine in several prestigious animal hospitals in the Greater Los Angeles area. Having worked in the veterinary field from the age of sixteen, Dr. Wendt understands that making the decision to euthanize a beloved pet is always undertaken with a heavy heart and love that extends past the immediate wants and needs of the owner. It is a balance of an owner’s grief and sadness in combination with the deep love of their family member and wanting what is best for them. Allowing your loved one to end their journey in the comfort of their own home surrounded by the people they spend their life with, is the best gift that we can provide for those that have stood by our side through life’s challenges. Dr. Wendt’s compassion and empathy help ease the peaceful transition of your furry friend.

Mayela Villalobos

Mayela is a highly experienced veterinary technician and a key administrator for Serenity. Her love of animals has translated to her tireless work to ensure that Serenity is able to create the most peaceful passing we can. She also makes beautiful custom art of your beloved pets. You can find some of her work at Instagram.

Dr. Jordan Davis-Powell

Dr. Jordan Davis-Powell is a graduate of Tuskegee University. She is a multi-talented veterinarian with experience in veterinary research, veterinary medicine, animal welfare and husbandry. She currently shares her talents with the Los Angeles Zoo and with us at Serenity. Jordan has a deep love and understanding for our companion animals. She also understands how difficult this decision may be and how hard it is to say goodbye. Jordan will be there for you every step of the way showing compassion, support, and empathy. She will make sure you and your pet have a lasting memory of peace and comfort together in your own home.

Dr. Angela Randall

Dr. Angela Randall was born and raised in Southern California. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology and Management from the University of California, Davis. She later earned her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine from Purdue University. She completed a general practice rotating internship after graduating from veterinary school. Currently, Dr. Randall practices at Family Pet Clinic of Redondo Beach. She empathizes with the anxiety, stress, and fear of making this difficult decision. She believes there is no greater gift than a peaceful goodbye, especially at home surrounded by love. The passing of a beloved family member is devastating, but she promises to treat them with as much care and compassion as she would her own.

Dr. Lauren De Silva

Dr. Lauren De Silva is a native of Southern California. She attended the University of Pennsylvania for eight years, earning a Bachelors in Biochemistry with Honors, a Masters in Chemistry, and her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. After an internship at VCA West Los Angeles Animal Hospital, Dr. De Silva established herself a compassionate and well-respected veterinarian. As a lifelong animal lover, Dr. De Silva is sensitive to the needs of owners and their pets and wants to provide a comfortable and supportive environment to say goodbye. Dr. De Silva is currently taking time away from Serenity to spend more time with her family.