Hospice Care

Once your pet has had all the necessary medical diagnostic testing and you have had all the medical discussions with your regular veterinarian, Serenity Veterinary Care will work with you and your pet’s health care provider to develop a plan to manage pain until the time comes for in-home euthanasia. This planning will be based on your pet’s needs and your family’s desires.

Our first goal is to create an open line of communication; therefore we will encourage you and your family members to ask questions. As the advocate for your pet, it is up to you to make decisions for creating an end of life plan that will allow for a peaceful and dignified passing. We understand that this is one of life’s most difficult times and we believe that making informed decisions is the best way to put your mind at ease.

Just as our home euthanasia services, all end-of-life plans of action, hospice and geriatric pet palliative care, assessment and follow-up visits will be designed and adjusted as your pet may need it by our licensed (State and Board certified) veterinarians.

Typically, the end-of-life plan for your pet includes: (a) answering as many questions as you or your family may have about your pet’s illness, the progression and possible outcomes of their respective illness; (b) recommendations regarding appetite, nutrition, hydration; (c) physical pain, mobility and incontinence management; (d) recommendations for physical rehabilitation (if this option is applicable to your pet); (e) adjustment of the end-of-life plan for your pet as his ailment progresses.

The main goal will be to keep your pet as comfortable as possible and to give your family peace of mind about your pet’s well-being.

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