Pet Aftercare

Saying goodbye to your pet is never easy. We’re here to help honor your beloved companion in the utmost loving, caring, and forbearing manner. We’ll work closely with your family to prepare for the type of aftercare you’d like to honor your pet with. We offer:

  • Private Aftercare (your pet will go into the chamber by himself and his remains are returned to you)
  • Group or General Aftercare (your pet goes into the chamber with other pets and his remains are not returned to you).
  • Burial (your pet will be buried. We will transfer your pets remains to our trusted pet cemetery in Gardena, CA. They will contact you with steps to follow for the burial date, time and viewing)

We strive to be 100% green and environmentally responsible. This is why, we encourage our pet parents to choose Aquamation as the preferred method for both private aftercare & general or group aftercare.

Aquamation (also known as Alkaline Hydrolysis or Bio-Cremation) is considered a “more natural, ethical and environmentally friendly procedure.” The process itself is a non-burn procedure that uses water instead of fire to naturally break down DNA and tissue. Alkaline hydrolysis is very similar or a fast-track process to a body being buried directly in soil.

We can also assist you and your family if traditional fire cremation is your preferred method of choice.

If your pet has already passed, you can call us and we will do the honorable removal of his body and arrange for his aftercare.

Have questions? We’re here to help. Please contact us today for a consultation.